We’re on a mission to bring out the full potential in distressed and outdated houses.

We believe that “flipping” doesn’t have to be a bad word. When it’s done right, it adds value to neighbourhoods, and results in completely re-developed homes that are more affordable than new-construction properties.

Here’s how we do what we do…

Flipping Done Differently - Inspection & Assessment

Whole-home assessment.

We start by really getting to know the home.

Before we even take possession of a home, we do an incredibly thorough initial inspection. We look at everything so we may fully understand the condition of the home, including its features, flaws and potential.

We start with the outside, exploring the driveway, the yard, any outbuildings and the entire exterior of the home.

We move inside and get to know every corner of the house, checking beneath the surface to discover hidden problems in order to be able to make an informed, comprehensive project plan.

Flipping Done Differently - Creative, Functional, Modern Design

Getting creative.

It’s all about combining great aesthetics with superior functionality.

We take pride in our home designs. When you explore our homes, don’t just expect beige walls. We carefully select finishes to create homes full of style. Each room takes on its own feel, whether that’s one of warmth, freshness, classic charm or modern flair. Those unique rooms flow together for an entire home that you’ll fall in love with, and that’s genuinely move-in-ready.

Our designs are functional and logical. By paying attention to every detail, we design homes that make everyday tasks more enjoyable. Intuitive lay-out, smart use of space and careful placement of fixtures and other elements ensure easy, comfortable living in the home.

By incorporating existing aspects of the home while introducing new features, we create truly unique properties. When we’re done with a property, what you get is a home that feels new but has history and charm.

Flipping Done Differently - Responsible Property Development

Putting the plan into action.

A different approach to “house flipping”.

We search out quality materials. We partner closely with suppliers local and abroad to ensure every aspect of the home is built to last. From the plumbing and wiring behind the walls to the visible fixtures in each room, we aim to develop homes with superior materials, while remaining conscious of the bottom line in order to ensure our homes remain far more affordable than new-construction properties.

Quality material isn’t much good without quality workmanship. We employ professional tradespeople to make sure our projects are completed with excellence.

Flipping Done Differently - Energy Efficient Re-Development

We care about the environment.

In each home, we identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption.

One of the greatest things about “flipping” is being able to make homes more efficient. Sometime that means adding insulation, replacing windows or doors or installing more efficient heat sources or programmable thermostats. When replacing toilets, we always use low-flush models, and when replacing appliances we always search for ones with great EnergyStar ratings.

Flipping Done Differently - Buyer Experience Focus

Making the home move-in ready.

We want the buyer to have an incredible experience in their new home.

Before we put a home on the market, we perform a final quality control inspection. During the inspection we identify anything that we need to do to make the home ready for sale.

We also prepare a folder with any information we may find about the home, including details about the property, appliance manuals, any diagrams, floor plans, blueprints, paint colours, special features, quirks or points of interest about the home, along with a digital copy of photos of the property taken at every stage of the project, from the initial assessment to the final quality control inspection.

As a final step, we bring in professional cleaners to ensure every nook and cranny is spotless.